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Soundfield Soundfield
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About Us

Introducing Printacall Communications Technology

Australia 's leading organisation for products for hearing impaired, speech impaired and Deaf people. Printacall supplies assistive devices to enable a person with a hearing disability to communicate with others by telephone, or hear sound with greater clarity depending on the individual hearing loss.

Printacall, with over 26 years of expertise in audio induction loop systems for public access buildings and the supply and maintenance of text telephones (TTYs). Printacall also specialises in the supply and installation of soundfield amplification systems or active learning systems as they are sometimes referred to. Soundfield is a specific method of amplifying a teacher's voice to overcome the effects of distance, noise and reverberation. Soundfield systems provide a quality listening environment for every student and are perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms and lecture halls.


In the course of our business of marketing, selling and servicing Teletypewriters (TTYs), Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) and other products, Printacall collects personal information from its customers and potential customers in order to facilitate communications with them and distribution of product information and newsletters regarding our products and services that may be of interest to our customers and potential customers. The information is also used in conducting our own administration and operations, including accounting and record keeping. We regard our database contents as confidential to Printacall and our staff are instructed to preserve such contents as confidential. For further information, please read our Privacy Statement, which is Acrobat format.  If you need an Acrobat reader, click here to download


Printacall reserves the right to change product specifications and the content of this website without prior notice. We recommend buyers of equipment use the equipment during a demonstration by our trained staff at our retail showroom, before you buy to ensure the goods purchased suit your individual needs. Contact Printacall for product prices and stock availability. 

The products or services described in this website may or may not be available at the time of visiting or placing an enquiry with our retail showroom or at any of our accredited retailers.

Our thanks to our supplier Phonic Ear Inc. USA. 
Frontrow™ Pro,  Frontrow To Go,  Frontrow Lasso,  Frontrow™ Symbio and Frontrow Juno are registered trade marks of Phonic Ear Inc. USA.